Basil Flavoured Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Basil flavoured Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spray Condiment.

The indisputable and intense fragrance of basil meets that of cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a condiment which immediately recalls the Mediterranean.

Size: 200 Ml
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Naturally flavoured Basil Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the condiment with the best balance of fats. It is packed with monounsaturated fatty acids which are important for the prevention of cardiovascular disease. It is particularly rich in oleic acids, a monosaturated fat capable of regulating cholesterol levels, preventing arterial lesions and reduce the risk of heart failure, stroke, thrombosis, and coronary conditions in general.

Basil is the fragrant herb that has always been used in Italian cuisine.

The coasts of Liguria are rich of the cultivation of this very fragrant herb, basil.

Basil flavoured Sprayleggero will enlighten the sense of smell.

Our Suggestions

Basil flavoured extra virgin olive oil is excellent for the preparation of sauces and pesto.

Add at end of dish preparation to garnish cold salads, “bruschetta”, and pizzas.

Ideal to give fragrance to an excellent “caprese”. It adds fragrance and a more intense and robust flavour to your dishes.

How to Use Instructions

Thanks to the "bag on valve" technology, the special Sprayleggero can allows a consumption reduction of about 90% (a 250ml can in fact equals about a 3-litre standard bottle of oil) and protects the contents from exposure to air and light for a long time. This enables all the fine properties of the condiment to be maintained unaltered and to be preserved as freshly pressed. Each second of spray emits 1,8 ml/1,7 g (15 Kcal) of product enough to season any dish.


Data sheet

Nutritional values on average per
1,8 ml/1,7 g (1 second of spray)
100 ml of product
Energy Value
61 kJ/ 15 Kcal
3389 kJ/824 Kcal
1,65 g (saturated 0,23 g - monounsaturated 1,26 g - polyunsaturated 0,16 g)
91,6 g (saturated 13 g - monounsaturated 70,0 g - polyunsaturated 8,6 g)
0,0 g (sugars 0,0 g)
0,0 g - (sugars 0,0 g)
0 g
0 g
0 g
0 g

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