The Flavoured Oils

The Flavourings in extra virgin olive oil were created to release all your creativity in the kitchen. Each of these new oils will allow you to enrich the flavour and taste of dishes, making any dish even more enticing. We start with the “classic” flavours of mediterranean cuisine: lemon, garlic, chilli pepper and rosemary and then go to the more refined flavours of white truffle and black truffle, dedicated to the more refined pallet, to the ethnic and remote flavours of turmeric and ginger, which take us away to colours and tastes of exotic and far away lands.
A true sensory journey through fragrances, tastes, and flavours diverse among themselves, but all equally suitable in adding character to your dishes. Making every bite a unique tasting experience.

“Reflect well on this point: the most beautiful hours of our life are all connected, with a link, more or less tangible, to some memory at the table.”
(Charles Pierre Monselet)

The Flavoured Oils

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