The Nutraceuticals

Coined in 1989 by the American doctor of Italian origin Stephen De Felice, the term “Nutraceutical” joins the words “nutrition” and “pharmaceutical”, and refers to a branch of research on the study of foods that have beneficial functions for the health of man. For this reason they are also called functional foods or pharma-foods.
It is from here that our range of nutraceutical oils are born, conceived for all those who love taking care of their bodies. Each of them, in fact, contains specific virtues and benefits for our health and diet. The nutraceutical oils are true and actual concentrations of wellness of both health and healing, considering the quantity of natural active principles present, of proven effect.

“Your body is the temple of nature and the divine spirit. Keep it healthy, respect it, study it, grant it its rights.”
(Henri Frederic Amiel)

The Nutraceuticals

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