Ghee Butter Spray

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Condiment made with Sunflower Oil and Concentrated Butter, with typical taste and smell.
Suitable for lactose intolerant people: lacrose content is lower than detection limit of 0,01%.

Size: 200 Ml
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Ghee Butter Spray is a unique product on the market: it is born from the union of sunflower oil (60%) with concentrated butter (40%). 
Our R&D team studied for a long time to reach the all natural formulation without adding flavorings or preservatives.
Combining this formula with our special spray system, it was possible to obtain a product with a long shelf life, that doesn't require refrigeration. 
Ghee Butter is suitable for lactose intolerant people because lactose content is lower than the detection limit of 0,01%.
Thank s to butter's percentage and the packaging, you will reduce the amount of butter, without giving up taste.

Our suggestions

Ideal for healthy cooking and seasoning. Perfect for baking, grilling or grease pans. 

How to Use Instructions

Thanks to the "bag on valve" technology, the special Sprayleggero can allows a consumption reduction of about 90% (a 250ml can in fact equals about a 3-litre standard bottle of oil) and protects the contents from exposure to air and light for a long time. This enables all the fine properties of the condiment to be maintained unaltered and to be preserved as freshly pressed. Each second of spray emits 1,8 ml/1,7 g (15 Kcal) of product enough to season any dish.


Data sheet

Nutritional values on average per
1,8 ml/1,7 g (1 second of spray)
100 ml of product
Energy Value
51 kJ - 12 Kcal
2840 kJ/679 Kcal
1,3 g (saturated 0,2 g)
73,3 g (saturated 10,4 g)
0 g (sugars 0 g)
0 g (sugars 0 g)
0 g
0 g
0 g
0 g

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