Walnut oil spray

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100% pure Walnut oil spray. With its delicate light taste and characteristic fragrance.
Contains 0.2g of Omega-3 and 1g of Omega-6 per portion in a balanced ratio.

Size: 200 Ml
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100% pure Walnut oil spray. It naturally contains a small percentage of saturated fatty acids (less than 10%) and a higher percentage of unsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, about 60%, among which are the precious Omega-3 and Omega-6 perfectly balanced. Alpha-linolenic and linolenic acids contribute to maintaining normal levels of blood cholesterol.
It is rich in protein, minerals (zinc, calcium, potassium and iron) and vitamines (E and C), which are a valuable nutritional source for our health.

Our Suggestions

Walnut oil spray is to be used in raw form.
It is recommended for the preparation of “pesto alla siciliana“ and walnut pesto. It is also ideal for seasoning vegan dishes.
Walnut oil can be used as substitute for olive oil in small quantities. In particular, it is excellent used directly on pasta, soups, stews, cream soups, rice, salads and vegetables; as vinaigrette and to flavour protein dishes.

How to Use Instructions

Thanks to the "bag on valve" technology, the special Sprayleggero can allows a consumption reduction of about 90% (a 250ml can in fact equals about a 3-litre standard bottle of oil) and protects the contents from exposure to air and light for a long time. This enables all the fine properties of the condiment to be maintained unaltered and to be preserved as freshly pressed. Each second of spray emits 1,8 ml/1,7 g (15 Kcal) of product enough to season any dish.


Data sheet

Nutritional values on average per
1,8 ml/1,7 g (1 second of spray)
100 ml of product
Energy Value
61 kJ - 15 Kcal
3404 kJ/828 Kcal
1,66 g (saturated 0,26 g - monounsaturated 0,65 - polyunsaturated 0,75 g)
92 g (saturated 14,4 g - monounsaturated 36 g - polyunsaturated 41,5 g)
0 g (sugars 0 g)
0 g (sugars 0 g)
0 g
0 g
0 g
0 g

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