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Confezione Bio 5X200 ml: olio EVOO, condimento allo zenzero, all'aglio, al basilico, alla curcuma e pepe nero

Gift package of 5X200 ml: organic extra virgin olive oil, ginger, garlic, basil and turmeric & balck pepper condiment


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This gift package contains 5 cans, one each of:
- Organic Extra virgin olive oil spray
- Organic Ginger flavoured extra virgin olive oil spray
- Organic Garlic flavoured extra virgin olive oil spray
- Organic Basil flavoured extra virgin olive oil spray
- Organic Turmerci and Black Pepper flavoured extra virgin olive oil spray

This pack contains


Gift packaging is paid for by us.

OUR SUGGESTIONS / Why buy this gift package?

Purchasing this gift package, you’ll be giving the receiver an excellent Italian product that is 100% light, 100% natural, 100% easy.

Vivo Spray allows you to dose the oil, it isn’t greasy, it is light, it is unbreakable, and it allows you to save up to 90% of the condiment normally used, without renouncing on taste.

This gift package gives the possibility to whomever receives it to have 5 excellent oils available to him in such little space with some being aromatized with tasty, healthy flavours.

The Vivo Spray cans allow you to save precious space inside your kitchen cupboards thanks to their slim silhouette. They always leave your hands clean and never greasy after having seasoned food thanks to the extraordinary spray technology, and thanks to the “bag on valve” system they let you enjoy oil as if it were freshly extracted and flavoured.

This gift package is the perfect gift for whomever loves the tradition of cold pressed Italian olive oil, but has a cool, innovative soul.


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