We are

Since 1905 we have made it our main mission to innovate and invent new products for the food industry.


We have been the first to use a traditional Italian liquor bottle – the Marasca bottle – to give our extra virgin olive oil a new image.

Since then, this bottle has become an icon in the world for quality olive oils. In 1985 we started producing Flavoured Oils and have since then kept working day after day with the passion for innovation that has always distinguished us.

Out of this passion, in 2012 we started the production of Sprayleggero. Sprayleggero is oil with no propellants added contained inside an innovative spray can. The total absence of contact with air and light keeps the product as fresh as no other packaging can, even after opening.

Moreover, our unique can allows to reduce product consumption by up to 90% with the same amount of seasoning.

We do

We create our products according to international markets. We strictly produce in Italy everything that we sell in over 50 Countries throughout the World.


We are constantly working to satisfy all our Clients’ needs, whether Italian or International, from the moment the idea is conceived to production.

In this way, we guarantee personal care and assistance that only a company with strong traditions like ours can provide.

What distinguishes us

An instinctive passion for innovation which we renew through constant research on the latest and most advanced technology, new processes, ingredients and packaging.


Our Production System consists of innovative machinery, such as that which we use to produce our Sprayleggero and our Production Processes conform to the strictest regulated (HACCP) and volunteer (BRC,IFS,KOSHER,ICEA,ORGANIC,VEGAN,IGP) standards and certified by the most important International Certifying Organizations.